Sermon - What is the Meaning of Stewardship Anyway?
Delivered By
Rev. Dr. Charles Ferrara
Delivered On
November 16, 2014
Central Passage
Luke 12:42-43

Many times when the word stewardship is invoked it creates an uneasy feeling. For many, the first thought is money. Christian stewardship is much bigger than mere finances; however, generous giving of one's finances cannot be ignored or dismissed either when viewed within the context of biblical teaching. It really boils down to one's heart, doesn't it? The Bible states "For where you heart is there lies your treasure." Therefore stewardship is related to a heart condition. We'll explore these concepts this Sunday which will lead to one and only one conclusion: When the heart is right with God, and we respond by being good stewards of what He entrusted us with, God will not only meet all of our needs, He will give us a peace the world cannot provide.